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Christian Rudolf Head of SEO

Christian Rudolf Head of SEO, Betsson Group managed me:

Clement är en av de bästa personer jag jobbat med. Han har en attityd till arbete som är ganska ovanlig. Prestigelös, om det krävs många timmar, så gör han det, om det krävs tråkigt jobb gör han det.
Utöver det, har han lång erfarenhet av Gambling SEO, det är det värsta segmentet om ni inte redan vet det!
En egenskap som jag speciellt vill peka på, Clement är väldigt noggran!

Johan Peuron Head of SEO

Johan Peuron Head of SEO, Rock Intention Malta Ltd managed me:

I’ve worked with Clement for several years and it has been a real pleasure. Clement is learning extremely fast and this is exactly what makes an excellent SEO: being able to adapt in challenging situations and make the right decision at the right time. He was responsible for several gambling sites in various countries and always managed to keep them at the top of the search results by being smart and innovative in a very, very competitive market. Clement started his SEO career working with gambling, a really tough industry, and climbed all the way up to become an expert in his area. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to hire Clement as an SEO partner.

Maria Horelli-Rosenlew Head of Site Management

Maria Horelli-Rosenlew Head of Site Management, Webguidepartner AB managed me:

I recruited Clement to Web Guide Partner initially as a Site Manager. Clement was from start one of our most ambitious employee, always working hard and meeting his goals with great focus and dedication. Clement has also invested a lot of time to gain expertise to become an SEO specialist and has advanced in his career as a skilled expert. Clement is a loyal and dedicated employee and I can recommend him warmly to any future employer.

Martin Sandberg Product Owner

Martin Sandberg Product Owner, Web Guide Partner worked directly with me:

Responsible for SEO, Clement was the go-to guy in our team for all SEO-related stuff and the proactive resource for day-to-day actionable insights, competitive research where he was feeding structured input for improvements to our work in a very competitive segment. He was also crucial during the entire process when we decided to localize a webpage into French where he laid the foundations for site structure, keyword research, urls etc. This, together with Clement´s easy-going attitude and his work ethics enables me to gladly recommend him for any similar role.

Jeffrey Cammack SEO Project Manager

Jeffrey Cammack SEO Project Manager, Web Guide Partner worked directly with me:

Clement is a highly motivated and enthusiastic SEO professional and has a strong ability to cope with competing demands and to prioritize tasks. Clement is well-read and is always up-to-date on the latest Google updates and marketing techniques giving his clients and edge above the others. Clement has strong SEO technical analysis and evaluation skills and is able to create and manage SEO planning. He works well with the team to execute on the SEO plan and always in timely manner. Clement has strong command over both on-page optimization and technical aspects of SEO making him a strong leader for any SEO team

Matteo Monari SEO Manager

Matteo Monari SEO Manager – International, Web Guide Partner managed me:

I had the pleasure to work with Clement on a series of international projects in highly competitive segments in southern european countries. His high level of knowledge of both on-site and off-site SEO methodologies, combined with a good understanding of most south-european languages and markets made him the ideal colleague for the position. Clement was reporting directly to me at the time, and I was definitely highly satisfied with his dedication, performance and attitude: I would definitely recommend Clement for positions requiring a high level of knowledge in SEO.

Magnus Bråth Head of SEO

Magnus Bråth Head of SEO, Highlight Media Group managed me:

Working with Clement was a joy. Not only is he a very capable SEO but he is also that kind of person that will always do the hard work. SEO in igaming is very competitive and Clements years in HLM has made him a very highly skilled and capable SEO. It’s obvious to me that any company will improve with a person like this, no matter what industry or market. It’s a shame Clement didn’t want to stay in Malta but I’m certain that we’ll work together in the future as well.